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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Preventing Digital Disaster

After a recent motherboard crash, I realized that my digital art wasn't nearly as safe as I had hoped it was, in fact I realized that I was (and still am) in grave danger of losing much of my scanned artwork. For me this is probably not the worst thing that could happen although I would still lose a fair amount of work that has been sold.  Since my artwork exists as actual physical entities, and are not entirely bound to the digital world that task of rescanning them is certainly a possibility, albeit one that I hope doesn't become a necessity. Were I a digital artist, the loss of a hardrive could be far more devastating were I to not have taken steps to prevent the complete loss of the work.

Losing you digital pieces can be prevented.  Most modern computers have DVD or Cd burners and drives. If you computer doesn't, consider purchasing one and having it installed.  Burning your files to a disc can prevent potential art loss.  Additionally Online services such as and offer file backup for a small monthly fee. If you are prone to losing your burned discs, this may be a safer option for you, just remember to keep the services paid up, otherwise you may not be able to access your files.  Another easy way to back up files is USB jump drives, and external hard drives.  These offer portable, and easy ways to store files. 

Be sure to back your files up at least once monthly.  If you are extremely prolific, you might consider backing them up more frequently.  Date, label contents and store discs in a safe, easy to access place, or make sure that you have the log in information to back up services readily at hand. Keeping your digital art safe can make potential hard drive and motherboard crashes much easier to recover from, preventing permanent loss and laborious scanning and categorizing.

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