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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Artist in Residence Grand Canyon Opportunity

2010 - 2011 Artist-in-Residence Programs

Thomas Moran sketching at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park with his daughters; Circa 1905
photographer unknown
Thomas Moran and his Daughters
circa 1905
The parks have always welcomed artistic interpretations in support of land advocacy. Thomas Moran’s evocative and astounding paintings directly influenced the establishment of our first National Park (Yellowstone, 1872). This tradition continues today with more than 50 Artist-in-Residence programs throughout the National Park Service system.
With changing times come bold new visions of what art can contribute to our conversation about preservation, environmental issues, and park (and arts) advocacy. Grand Canyon National Park’s Artist-in-Residence Program seeks artists whose work is engaged in issues that are relevant to the Park Interpretative Themes, while also challenging the visitor to become an active participant in preservation and environmental and cultural advocacy. We are pleased to host artists who communicate complex and contemporary issues through their chosen medium. Artists in all genres and in all disciplines, contemporary, traditional, or folk who have a genuine interest in contributing to our on-going national discussion on these issues will be of special interest to our program.
Whether you are a traditionalist in the vein of Thomas Moran or a contemporary artist creating new paths towards understanding both environmental and cultural issues, you are welcome here. The Artist-in-Residence Program offers professional artists the opportunity to spend three weeks on either the North or South Rim of Grand Canyon in housing provided by the National Park Service. The North Rim AiR program is seasonal, with six residencies during the spring, summer, and fall. The South Rim AiR program is year-round, providing twelve artist opportunities.
Anne Legge, mixed media on wood 
North Kaibab Switchbacks
North Kaibab Switchbacks
Anne Legge
mixed media on wood
North Rim AiR, 2005
Artist opportunities: Contemporary, folk and traditional forms, including but not limited to:
Visual arts: painters, sculptors, printmakers, new media artists, muralists, designers, ceramicists, artisans, multi-discipline artists, fiber artists, mixed media artists, jewelers
Media: photographers, film makers, videographers
Writers: fiction and non-nonfiction writers, poets, playwrights
Performing arts: composers, musicians, dancers, performance artists, storytellers, dramatic artists

AiR artist proposals should be site-specific to Grand Canyon National Park, support the park’s Interpretative Themes, and will focus on such issues as ecology, the environment, park advocacy, conservation and other themes relevant to the parks. 
Hal Stewart sculpture
Meteor Man Kachina
Meteor Man Kachina
Hal Stewart
bronze and marble
North Rim AiR, 2005
Applications for the South Rim AiR program (October 2011 - September 2012) and the North Rim AiR (May - October 2012) are now available for your review. Postmarked applications will be accepted between February 1st and April 1st, 2011.
If you would like to be added to the email list to receive notices about the program and selected artist opportunities, please email us and you'll be added to our artist data bank.
When you apply for our program please know that you'll be notified whether you are a selected artist or not.
The south rim program juries in early May and artists will be notified by June 1st of the selections. The north rim program jurying takes place mid-July, with artist notifications by the end of August.
 Good luck and thanks for your interest in Grand Canyon National Park's artist-in-residence program!
These artist opportunities are designed to both engage and inform the public audience (through outreach programming), and provide quality uninterrupted time for artists to pursue their own body of work.
The North Rim of Grand Canyon, much of it true wilderness, offers unparalleled inspiration and unspoiled solitude for artists. The artist resides in a cabin on the rim for a three-week period in summer and early fall.
The South Rim of Grand Canyon is teeming with wildlife, park visitors and peerless vistas. The artist resides in a second-story apartment in the historic Verkamp’s Visitor Center overlooking the canyon for a three-week period.
Artists are welcome to apply to both the north and south rim programs, and being selected to participate in one does not exclude you from being selected for the other during the same period of time. Each rim requires a complete and separate application packet, with an application cover sheet. PLEASE NOTE: if you're applying to one rim only, the application fee is $35.00; if you're applying to both rims, we've reduced the fee to $50.00. Please make certain to note this information on both your application cover sheet(s) and in the subject line on your personal check.
In exchange for the adventure of living and working in a national park, the resident artist has the opportunity to create works that generate understanding and dialogue about the need to preserve this national treasure—one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 
Selection Process
Selection is based on artistic merit as demonstrated by a complete application packet including:
A panel of National Park Service representatives, artistic genre specialists, and art professionals chooses the artists and alternates.
Find more information here:

  • PLEASE NOTE: No honorarium is available at this time to off-set the expenses that the artists accrue while in residence. Currently both programs on both rims provide a furnished living space, focused studio time, and public outreach and presentation opportunities for selected artists. 

Caroly Van Duyn ceramic sculpture
Crown Fire, Ponderosa
Crown Fire, Ponderosa
Caroly Van Duyn
pit-fired ceramics
North Rim AiR, 2009
Both the South Rim and the North Rim programs will ONLY be accepting applications postmarked between February 1 and April 1, 2011.
You are welcome to submit an application to both the North and South Rim programs or choose one program that is of special interest to you. 
If you intend to apply to both programs, please submit two complete applications to the address below.
Applications submitted before or after the open application dates will not be considered.
South Rim will be jurying for October 2011 through September 2012 AiR season.
North Rim will be jurying for April - October 2012 AiR season.

Grand Canyon National Park Artist-in-Residence Program
attn: Rene Westbrook
1824 South Thompson Street, Suite 200
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
International Artists please note:
Regardless of which rim you are applying to, application packets from overseas are best sent via private shipper or delivery service (such as UPS or FedEx) and must be sent by postmark deadline to the address above.
For more information concerning the programs on either rim, contact South Rim AiR coordinator RenĂ© Westbrook or call

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