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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paint to show, but don't paint for the show

Finding one's Visual voice is an important for an artist, but it can be difficult for young artists who, in wanting to please others often try to imitate other styles. Although this in itself is not always a bad thing, and can help an artist develop new techniques, it can make it difficult for that artist to come into their own.  Additionally the pressure of entering shows can make it difficult to stay true to one's artistic vision. Although it is important to show, it is imperative not to try to paint to please potential judges of a show.  Finding the right show for you as an artist is better.

One downfall of attempting to paint for a show is that judges are often savvy to knock offs of previous years winners.  Also judges are often trying to find new and fresh pieces.  Stale remakes of others ideas make for poor showman-ship, and almost guarantee that an artist's pieces won't make it to the judges fence.

Look for a show that showcases work in your genre, but forget attempting to paint for the show itself. Remain true to yourself and let your work shine for you. 

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