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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Ways to Stir the Creative Pot

For many of us creativity isn't always on tap.  Finding inspiration to write, draw or otherwise sometimes seems out of reach. Today's blog post will explore a few suggestions for stirring the creative pot.

My first suggestion may seem foreign to alot of people, but keeping an ongoing journal is a great way to find inspiration.  I first was introduced to journals after my Grandmother passed and I read her daily journal.  Although seemingly mundane, a daily journal can offer a great place to explore creative ideas, express thoughts that otherwise might not be said, and even engage in a little poetry or otherwise.  I have, for the last 25 years kept a journal, and reading the older pages has offered a great insight into my life, as well as ideas for writing and even painting.  Morning is a good time to write, although many people simply do not have the time in the morning to devote to it. Anytime works, even 5 or 10 minutes can be a source of new ideas. Journal writing can also be used to explore stream of thought, and writing without questioning what is being put on the page for 5 minutes can be greatly eye opening.

Ink Blots
The ink blot, used by Rorschach to determine emotional states is a great launching point for visual artists, and can even be used by writers.  Fold a piece of watercolor paper or manuscript paper and put a few drops of ink into the fold, fold back up and quickly unfold.  Observe what the image looks like. What does it make you think of? Draw or write your experience of the ink blot.

For visual artists this is a great exploration of both your internal state and your interpretation of it.  Pick an emotion and draw or paint how you might express that emotion.  This can be done abstractly or subjectively.  Writers may want to write about a scene that conveys that emotion. 

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