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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Online and Offline learning for Artists

For many artists, finding time and money to take classes can be difficult, and for this reason I started this site, however my little blog is not the only place to learn new techniques.  One recent site I found The Artists Network hosts a variety of online art learning events, and I have that this site, an online venue for "The Artists Magazine" to be a great place to find out about upcoming calls to artists, new techniques and everything in between.

For those of us that simply do not have the time to attend online webinars and events, I have found that obtaining subscriptions to various Artist magazines is a great way to learn new techniques and get inspired. Some of my favorites are "The Artist Magazine"  "The Pastel Journal" and the "International Artist" magazine, just to name a few. All the magazines carry their own slant on painting and drawing and are a bounty of inspiration for new and veteran artists alike. 

Another source of learning is to purchase, and use artist books. Although the North Light Book Club is now closed, it still maintains the North Light Shop where you will find many wonderful books on painting.  It is also worth while to peruse Estate shops, Thrift stores and online auction sites to find unusual and rare artist books that often offer information on making your own media and pigments that is now very difficult to come by. Secret Formulas and Techniques for Artists is an unusual (and somewhat costly book) that I would like to purchase, but there are many many books out there and finding one that speaks to your own artistic sensibilities is just a matter of taking the time to look

Joining an art club can also be a great source of classes and learning for people.  Most communities will have an artists club, if not, why not considering starting your own.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and a few calls, and online advertisements on places such as craigs list can be just what is needed to get the fire burning.  Clubs offer a unique opportunity for members to learn from one another, and provide a venue for guest artists to teach workshops.

Whatever method you choose, you will find that it isn't necessary to spend tons of money or attend formal education to sharpen your skills.

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