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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The value of other's artwork

Although its almost second nature for most artists to enjoy visits to art galleries and museums, the act of taking in another person's  work can often fall to the wayside due our own engagement with the creation of our pieces. It is important though to remember that viewing other works can be a source of creative fuel.  If you cannot make it to a gallery anytime soon, be sure to stop by a books store and pick up one of the many magazines devoted to artists. Artists Magazine, Pastel Journal and many others not only offer lesson's on the many many techniques available to artists, but the very art contained within can be the inspiration to broaden one's own artwork.  I'm often at my creative best after reading through one of these magazines, fueled by the desire to try techniques found in the images, or perhaps, to go in a completely, though not altogether different direction.  If you can afford to, it is worthwhile to obtain a subscription for both inspirational and instructional value alone.

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