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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Call To Artists Erotic Art

 Submissions for the Erotic Art Gallery:

     Don't send me your pictures in an email.

     I can't use them.

     Send me up to four (4) URLs plus the URL for your
     main page.

     What I need is URLs that point directly at your
     work online.  Here's one of mine:

     Notice that it ends in .JPG.  That means its an image.

     If you send me four URLs that don't end in .JPG then you
     haven't sent me the right information.

     At some point your images had to be placed, somewhere,
     on the web.  Its possible they are in a database and
     not reachable with a simple URL.  Whoever designed and/or
     built your web pages should know the answer to that

     *** Don't send me your pictures in an email. ***

     Send me up to four (4) URLs for images, and the
     URL for your main page.

     Here's some guidelines for pictures:

          1) .JPEG/.JPG format
          2) 72 to 100 dots per inch
          3) 30 to 50 KiloBytes file size
          4) 3 by 5 inches; or 5 by 3 inches; or 5 x 5 inches
          5) pictures should be trimmed to show just the image

     Guidelines for your web page--but only if you are interested
     in selling your work:

          1) keep your opening page simple

          2) your opening page should take no more than
               7-8 seconds to open for a standard
               telephone connection to the net

          3) no more than 1 or  2 photos on the opening

          4) give users the option to see a simple HTML
               or more complex FLASH or other high
               tech page


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