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Friday, July 2, 2010

Success deponds on Action

This past week has found me as ill as I can remember having been in a long time, and has really given rise for my own need to answer questions to my future as both artist and writer.  Over a week ago I was put on high doses of steroids to deal with lingering back issues, and almost immediately developed side effects..pounding heart, flushed face, shaking hands. Needless to say, I didn't feel well at all. By Thursday afternoon my throat was sore, but I was told it was more dangerous to discontinue the pack and so I carried on. By Sunday afternoon, my lungs were so full of fluid that I thought I would surely land in the hospital.  Though I am better, I am still far from well even nearly a week later, and I ponder a more gentle means of earning an income. This is not to say that anything about my current employment as a vet tech caused this issue, just that I'm not sure that I can continue at the pace and keep my health.  The back problems are indirectly from long periods of standing and restraining, as well as a congenital deformity. 

Anyways, its given me lots of time to think, and I've spent the last week, when I wasn't coughing, looking at my life as it is.  As an artist, I am still at the starting gates, same as with my writing. I have tasted the sweet taste of success, but not reveled in its long term presence. The reality is, regardless if we are artists, or writers, or any other creative sort, we must continue our path, regardless of circumstance, and it really requires that we stay in the presence, and do what we know. What I know to do is paint, and write, and dream. And ultimately that doing must be transformed into action...Application to galleries, and licensing, writing content, and short stories for publication, then move forward from there.

I don't know if I will ultimately be able to do entirely what I love, which is a combination of painting and writing. But I know that regardless, I must continue to do, otherwise the dream will be just that.  Success depends ultimately on action, and even in the harshest of personal trials one must if at all able to continue to do.

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