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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Quick Lesson In Collage - Found Objects

If you find that you are still feeling limited, another method to rattle the creative cage is to paint on found objects.  I've painted on pretty much everything, including foam packing, and cardboard boxes. Taking it further, add other objects into the painting to create a collage.  Buttons, Q-tips, ribbon, antique lace, pretty much anything will work.  Additionally I've also been known to incorporated texture spray paint, such as stone finish paint into my work, and other building supply materials into the final painting. Other good surfaces are leftover pieces of Masonite, and Plexiglas.

The best way that I have found to imbed objects into a painting is to use heavy matt acrylic gel.  Using a stiff brush, lay the object face down and paint a thin layer onto the back of the object you wish to imbed.  Lay wax paper under the object to keep your work area clean. Using clean hands or a brayer, gently smooth the object into the painting area. Thick or three dimensional objects may need to be imbedded into a thick blob placed on the surface of the painting itself.  Depending on the amount of matte gel used, it may take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days for the surface to dry.   If you wish to use oils or acrylics over the objects, it may be necessary to gessoe over the surface once the objects are imbeded.  Objects that you wish to appear in the final stages of the painting should be carefully collaged near the end of the painting to preserve the appearance of that object.

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